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  How exactly do you differ from normal banking services ?  
  Banks offer a package of financial facilities starting from Term Loan to working capital and others. Our product is mainly factoring - a credit facility designed to enhance your cashflow. We make an outright purchase of your debts and the financial rights to invoices. The formalities are very simple compared to that in banks. In a nutshell, we purchase your creditworthy accounts receivable at a reasonable discount and fund you with immediate cash upto an agreed percentage of the invoice value.  
  What other services you offer ?  
We manage through our computerised system your sales-ledger and provide you the information periodically.
We follow up with your customers and collect the debts, of course, with your assistance.
We provide you credit / market information relating to your business etc., if required.
  What will 'Factoring' cost us ?  
  We offer a professional service of very high order and our charges will be certainly comparable to that of banks. Considering our quality of services, quick decision and flexibility, you will find that our fees are very reasonable. If your credit rating is high and your customer base is strong, you stand to benefit in charges.
  There are two types of charges - service charge and discount charge.  
Service charge is levied based on the work involved and services offered such as sales-ledger maintenance etc., calculated as a percentage of the gross value of invoices factored. It may vary from 0. 10 % to 1. 00 % depending on various factors. This is collected up-front from clients.
Discount charges are levied towards providing instant credit to the client by way of prepayment. In this regard various aspects are taken into account, such as cost of funds, credit rating of the client, quality of transactions etc., while arriving at the rate. This is collected on monthly basis on the actual drawings by the client from his pre-payment account.
We also collect nominal processing charge for the work relating to processing of the proposal.
  What is the main criteria you prescribe to become eligible for availing your factoring services ?  
  Mainly, you should be in the line of Manufacturing or Trading or Services. You should have sound financial base and a turnover of not less than Rs. 50 lacs per annum. Your customer base should be strong and prompt in payment. 'Factorability' is the underlying principle to entertain a proposal.  
  What is 'recourse' and 'non-recourse' factoring ?  
  'Recourse' or 'With recourse' factoring - we provide you only financing but not credit cover. Should your customer fail to pay up, we will have recourse to you to get back the money advanced to you.

'Non - recourse' or 'Without recourse' - where credit cover is provided and in the event of failure of the customer to pay, the factor will bear the bad debt risk. However, in India, this is yet to be introduced.
  Would factoring arrangement cause any misunderstanding or unpleasantness between us and our customers ?  
  While we appreciate your concern, we have to assure you that there is no scope for such misunderstanding once the concept of Factoring is well understood and the need for corporate co - operation is realised in the matter of maintaining the Production - Sales - Realisation cycle in a smooth manner. Factoring is gaining acceptance in our country as a normal progressive business service and is definitely a significant global trend today.  
  Is factoring suitable for all manufacturing companies ?  
  Only where factorability is present, this facility is suitable. Factorization is not suitable in the following cases :  
where large volume of cash sales take place.
engaged in speculative business.
selling highly specialised capital equipments or made-to-order goods.
where credit period offered to the buyers is more than 180 days.
where there is Consignment Sale or 'Sale or Return Arrangements'.
where sales are to the sister / associated companies .
where sales are to the public at large, etc.
  Why should I prefer Canbank Factors ?  
  Because, CBF is a professionally managed company with the support of Canara Bank, a progressive commercial Bank in the Country. In a totally computerized environment, CBF is known for quick decisions and flexibility in meeting the requirements of its client. It is a profit making and dividend paying company.  
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